Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Emergency Response Plans


In the event of an emergency requiring provincial response, one of two core emergency response plans would be implemented.

The Provincial Emergency Response Plan (PERP) establishes a framework for a systematic, coordinated and effective emergency response by the Government of Ontario.

The Provincial Nuclear Emergency Response Plan (PNERP) establishes a framework for the response to a nuclear or radiological emergency. This plan is developed in accordance with Section 8 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Ontario’s Mass Evacuation Plan Part 1: Far North was released in October 2012. The plan guides the planning and implementation of evacuations from the activation phase through demobilization and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the many partners who assist in evacuation operations.

The Guideline for the Development of the Municipal Evacuation Plan is an annex to Ontario Mass Evacuation Plan. The purpose of this guideline is to aid a municipality in preparing an evacuation plan. The guideline presents evacuation planning concepts that may be applied for various scales of evacuations and sizes of municipalities.

In support of the province’s core emergency response plans are 37 additional response plans covering identified hazards. These plans are developed by ministries based on their areas of expertise. For example, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care writes and maintains the Ontario Health Plan for an Influenza Pandemic.

All of Ontario’s emergency response plans are regularly exercised to ensure they can be easily implemented in times of crisis.

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