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Inside Emergency Management


Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in emergency management. We invite you to browse through our site for tools to support your planning efforts, information about current emergency-related events, training opportunities, resources for teachers and educators, and more.

Since 1980, communities have counted on Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) when they needed us most. In fact, we are on the job well before an emergency occurs. Prevention and preparedness are key pillars of EMO’s mandate. When the unthinkable happens, EMO is there to support community response and coordinate provincial activities as required.

Together with our partners and stakeholders, we need you to join us in keeping Ontario safe. We need you to be proactive – prepare yourself, your family, your organization and your community. You can get started now by making your own plan. You can also get involved by ‘liking’ us on Facebook , ‘following’ us on Twitter. We welcome your thoughts, feedback and suggestions.